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What do we need for a cozy home? Designer Joa Herrenknecht about colors, big windows and childhood memories

What we consider beautiful and cozy is closely linked to emotions we feel when we enter a room, which in turn are connected to our past experiences. But if our upbringing influences our taste, how much more must it shape the creativity of designers? A Talk.Reading Time: 4 min | Sep 2023

10 hot gaming hardware designs for the maximum experience

Whether you're an eSports pro or a hobby gamer, manufacturers and companies of the gaming industry are outdoing themselves with innovative products for the perfect gaming experience. With Gamescom around the corner, we have put together 10 hot gaming highlights from the iF DESIGN AWARD 2023!Reading Time: 4 min | Aug 2023

Interview: What is 'Turkish Design' and how to make it in Turkey as a young Designer?

We are still in awe of the iF DESIGN STUDENT AWARD 2023 winner ceremony in Istanbul. The city, with its rich cultural – but also design – heritage inspired us to take a closer look at Turkey: We asked design strategist Onur Kocan about the true character of turkish design!Reading Time: 4 min | Jul 2023

Emoji: A brief history of ✨🎨📱🙌

How design helped written communication move beyond just wordsReading Time: 4 min | Jul 2023

iF Trend Report 2023: The three layers of neo-ecology

At the moment, hardly any other megatrend appears to have such a major influence on the economy, politics and society as neo-ecology. Read in this exclusive excerpt of our iF Design Trend Report 2023 what all this means for designers! Reading Time: 3 min | Jul 2023

Design legend Franco Clivio on how to design true modern classics

iF Design Magazine - Interview with Franco Clivio
A design legend turns 81 today and practically every European knows his designs from LAMY Pico to Gardena Prunes and Coupling: We talked with design legend and iF juror Franco Clivio about inspiration and imitation and what he recommends to young designers. Reading Time: 3 min | Jul 2023

50 years of Package & Design Magazine: Call for entries - Design your own cover!

Our media partner Package & Design magazine, one of the most influential professional design periodicals in China, is celebrating its 50th anniversary! Now the Magazine sincerely invites designers and artists worldwide to take part in the cover design for the Package & Design’s anniversary issue. Reading Time: 4 min | Jun 2023

Happy Birthday, Charles Eames! 8 iconic Designs that show his (and Rays) versatility!

Design icon Charles Eames was born 116 years ago today. Together with his wife Ray Eames, Charles would profoundly shape postwar design, in America and around the world. Here are eight signature designs that show how versatile and unique their work was - and still is!Reading Time: 3 min | Jun 2023

True Sustainability and its meaning for design and design competitions

iF Design Magazine: True sustainability and its meaning for design and design competitions
Sustainable design is growing rapidly into a competitive advantage for brands, as more and more consumers look for "green" features of products and even services. We at iF want to do more and, for the first time ever, invited two sustainability experts to support our 2023 jury in Berlin.Reading Time: 5 min | Jun 2023


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Interview with Life Innovation Design Center of LG Electronics: Innovation for a Better Life

"LG is a life brand that focuses on the lifestyles of our customers. We pursue innovation that enriches customers lives and values people."Reading Time: 13 min | Aug 2022

Creating Minimalist Design with a Humble Heart

Interview With Xiaomi Ecosystem Industrial Design Director Li NingningReading Time: 30 min | Nov 2020